So many people cling to their partners as a way to show their love without knowing that they are choking them. As in the name of love and affection, they cling so strongly to their partners and make the relationship very toxic; what most people don’t know is that being a clingy partner will make you a very terrible partner, and that’s the bitter truth.
Below are some reasons why being a clingy partner is such a terrible thing.
You make yourself seem insecure: “You pass a message of insecurity and low self-esteem when you are a clingy partner; you can’t be by yourself, you don’t trust yourself and you don’t trust your partner; you are just in a circle of insecurity at every point in the relationship – and the truth is, it’s tiring”.
You kill the natural flow of your relationship: “In a relationship where one partner is clingy, the love wouldn’t flow naturally; the clingy partner will be more interested in seizing the moment than letting things flow naturally, the clingy partner will want to take control, and that will kill the natural flow of love and affection in the relationship”.
You become a burden: “When you are a clingy partner, you become a burden with your clinginess; you’d always be in your partner’s business, your partner will never be free in that relationship and it could be choking, you might get to a point where you’d be seen as choking and a burden”.
The relationship might not last long: “Many clingy relationships don’t go all the way; the affected partner might reach a certain point and won’t take it anymore, there’s a limit to what one can take, and most people with clingy partners don’t go all the way”.
Arguments will definitely come up a lot: ‘You will spend a lot of time arguing about silly things in a relationship where one partner is clingy; the overprotective nature of the clingy partner will lead to so many conflicts and confrontation, the affected partner will feel aggrieved and subdued while the clingy partner will want to be in control, which will lead to confrontation and disagreements”.

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