Compared to male 0rgasms, the female 0rgasm is rare because  climaxing for a woman takes much more effort and a woman’s body and s3xual responses are very different from a man’s. Women has so many more erogenous zones; they has the cl!toris and are capable of multiple 0rgasms and while men have only one type of 0rgasm, the female body is capable of reaching the Promised Land through different ways.
Below are 5 different orgasms that every woman should have in their lifetimes:
Cl!toral 0rgasm: “The cl!toris is small sensitive organ located at the top of the genital cleft where the inner labia meet and is surrounded by the vulva; if you’re confused, it’s the hard part which is surrounded by the softer vulva but many women have trouble having an orgasm through regular vag!nal orgasms and cl!toral stimulation is another way to reach the Promised Land”.
Vag!nal 0rgasm: “About one in three women can orgasm through regular vag!nal intercourse, this is usually achieved through regular intercourse or digital penetration; it’s believed that this is done through stimulating the G-spot which is believed to be an erogenous zone in a woman’s vag!na which when stimulated can lead to extreme sexual arousal and powerful orgasms”.
Multiple 0rgasms: “Now the great thing about being a woman is that while men experience orgasms that often coincide with ejaculation and leads to refractory period during which a man can’t achieve another, a female can have multiple 0rgasms; the average woman is built for multiple orgasms; in fact, after hitting the peak once, she can achieve the next one easily”.
Combined 0rgasm: “Now this is the mother of all 0rgasms which combines G-spot stimulation along with cl!toral play to give a woman a mind-blowing orgasm; the woman can either get her man to stimulate both at the same time, stimulate one while asking him to work the other or ask him to try s3x positions where the base of the p3nis rubs against the cl!toris”.
Br3ast or N!pple 0rgasm: “In some women, br3ast stimulation can lead to intense orgasms, this is perhaps because the br3asts are linked to the area of the brain responsible for s3xual pleasure; studies have also shown that during br3ast stimulation the hormone oxytocin is released which is responsible for s3xual excitement and arousal”.

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