Who said cuddling is the only dreamy way to get close to your partner? If you are not a fan of this cuddling, there are many ways to stay in that post-s3x bliss. Here are some tricks to get intimate with your partner after s3x.
Hit the shower: “After you finish, just hit the showers, a shower can provide the perfect opportunity for intimacy and if you like, you can also keep up the fun by taking a s3x toy along with you in the shower”.
Kiss: “If you do not like lying in each other’s arms and staring into each other’s eyes, just kiss, kissing can bring a whole new level of closeness”.
Have fun playing a game: “You do not have to be super romantic to build your bond, you can just break out a deck of cards for a game and spending quality time is what that matters”.
Do some pillow talk: “Use the time post s3x to talk about what you love most about the experience, talk about your fantasies and what you would like to do the next time; the personal conversations will only bring the two of you closer”.

Get cozy: “Just because you do not want to cuddle does not mean that you have to jump out of the bed, just lying next to each other and reading or watching a movie together can be very intimate”.

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