Woman on Top– yes, you can allow your ‘plus sized’ woman to get on top of you in the regular co wgirl position. Don’t think she’s going crush you because she won’t! In this position, you can grab her bu tt and pump into her from below while she can you’re your chest a good rub. It would be nice if she could hold the bed’s headrest.


Do ggy-style– this is a fantastic one for big women. Have her lie on the bed with her face down and her beautiful round butt raised for your penetra tion. She can also use a Love Machine to please herself while you thrust.


Side By Side– this is like doing the spooning while you both lay side by side, you facing her back. As you thrust from behind, have her push her butt into you. One advantage of this position is that you don’t need to see her flabby arms and stomach.


Reverse Cowgirl– like in the cowgirl, she is on top of you but with her back turned to you. Have her lean forward while your joystick is inside and she can then ride and bounce you to orga sm. You can use this position to appreciate her big, round butt.


Every Position– the number 5 position is actually not a position at all. It simply says be confident and try any Position you think she can physically and mentally able to try. If you allow her, she will use her body to maximal effect.

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