If you have ever thought that it isn’t necessary for a man to be well dressed then you need a re-think; various studies have shown that women are attracted to men that are well dressed and it revealed that well-dressed men fare better in relationships and women are more attracted to them.
So guys, if you haven’t been taking your fashion too serious, you need a re-think. Below are 5 reasons women get attracted to a well-dressed man.
HE IS SEXY: “A well-dressed man is sexy; he has this sexy feeling about him that can attract any lady, when a man is well dressed, he has this s3x appeal that a man in shabby dressing or a man who isn’t fashionable would never have, fashion brings out the sexiness in a man”.

PRESENTABLE: “A well-dressed man is presentable; ladies love it when their man is presentable; ladies love showing off their man and a well-dressed man fits that bill; a well-dressed man is always presentable; he has this appealing aura which women crave.
CONFIDENT: “Fashion has a way of making one have this confident look, that’s why it seems like every fashionable person is confident, when a man is well dressed, he breathes confidence because he is extra assured that he looks good and that just gives him all the confidence he needs; women get attracted to a confident man, and a fashionable man is a confident man”.
ATTRACTIVE: “Fashion makes you attractive, it makes you sparkle; when a man is well dressed, he glows and women know that; good clothes make you look good, good fashion sense makes a man appealing and would draw lots of women to him, good fashion brings attraction; there are no two ways about that; women love attraction”.
CLASSY: “Which woman wouldn’t love a man with class?a well-dressed man breathes class all about him, a man who knows how to look good at all times would have this classy aura breathing around him and the ladies are most definitely watching”.
Men think that money is the only thing that can make them attractive, so they neglect their fashion side but even though a wealthy man might attract some women but a wealthy man who is highly fashionable would attract every woman.

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