People keep wondering why every relationship looks so great at the beginning; the passion is so intense and the couples are so fond of each other but after some weeks, months and years it becomes a different story entirely; the love is replaced with hate and friendship is sometimes replaced with fighting and arguments.
This trend of relationships starting off well but crashing later has made many marriages to end in divorce, so many engagements to be called off and so many relationships to falter with time and the best reason to give as to why relationships start well and don’t continue so is the fact that couples stop doing what they used to do previously when the relationship started; that’s the major reason relationships turns sour no matter how sweet it started, and it could be different things for different relationships.
Below are things couples do in relationships that make their relationship a shadow of its former self.

You no longer put your partner first: “If you observe, when a relationship is new couples do things just to please their partner in order to make them happy; the man goes out of his way to show that he loves his lady and the lady does same; the problem is when the zeal to do this drops, the relationship would die gradually; when one starts waiting for the other to show more love then the relationship might slowly but steadily burn out like a candle”.
They get carried away: “This is also another reason why relationship starts great but turns sour later on; when a relationship is new, both partners are there for each other but it doesn’t continue this way; after a while they let things come in between them and their partners, and most times this happens subconsciously; it could be kids, career, school or just anything; when you love it more than you love your relationship, your relationship would definitely suffer”.
They didn’t grow with the relationship: “In relationships most times, at the start it is well fed but after a while, couples stop feeding it with vital relationship needs and this would dampen the growth of that relationship hence making a sweet relationship to turn sour”.
They stopped understanding each other: “This is also another reason why a relationship that starts well doesn’t always remain so, when a relationship starts, both partners try to understand each other but after a while they lose sight of this and this would lead to the fight, quarrels, arguments and the whole drama that surrounds relationships”.
Selfishness: “Selfishness is also another relationship killer; selfishness is what would make one cheat on his partner; selfishness is what leads to misunderstanding and quarrels in relationships; thinking of yourself and yourself alone is selfishness, selfishness occurs in different ways in relationships, and it sinks the ship of relationship gradually and for a relationship to forever remain sweet, selfishness should be far from it, and by selfishness I mean selfishness of the mind”.

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