They say everything has two sides to it; if it’s got an advantage, it sure does have it’s disadvantage too. Well, in this case, I wouldn’t exactly call it that because beauty is often considered more of a plus than a minus, but that isn’t all there is to it. As good as being beautiful is, it also comes with a few challenges that those who are endowed with it have to face on a regular basis.
So with no further delay, here are 5 major problems pretty women face on daily basis.
YOU’RE CONSIDERED A SLUT/FLIRT: “Pretty women like to look good, and of course, you know that the definition of ‘looking good’ differs, depending on who’s defining; some people may label ‘looking good’ as being slutty, especially when it involves a pretty woman, because they feel she’s doing it to seduce or attract (more) male admirers and when you have multiple males running after you, you’re also tagged ‘slutty’ and ‘flirty’ by other people, people just tend to be prejudiced towards you like that”.

TOO MANY STARES TO DEAL WITH: “Every pretty woman knows this one is very true, you just can’t dress good and go out without having to be stared at by multiple people (especially men) on a regular basis and the bad thing about being stared at too much is that it tends to destabilize and make you uncomfortable”.
PEOPLE THINK YOU CAN’T BE INDEPENDENT: “The reason for this misconception is simple; people think that since you’re beautiful or pretty, you don’t have to work and earn money for yourself because you’ll have too many men running after you and offering (to help you pay your bills) but you know that this probably isn’t true for you and most other pretty women because there are some of you who really have to work hard to take care of their own needs”.
PEOPLE THINK YOU’RE SNOBBISH AND ARROGANT: “This is especially true for the many men you would have turned down their advances towards you, they usually think that the reason you turned them down is because you think you’re so pretty and so you can’t be friends with them, but you know this probably isn’t so”.
IT’S HARD TO FIND GENUINE LOVE: “This is for 2 reasons — one is you’re pretty, so naturally, you have too many men running after you, and that tends to make it difficult for you to make a right pick (the more options you have, the harder it is to choose rightly) and the second reason is that most men have the wrong impression that pretty women are not for keeps because they attract too many admirers, and that tends to make them uninterested in dating exclusively; so usually, you find that men like that only come for the s3x, but lie to be in love with you just to get into your heart”.

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