It is normal for guys to compliment ladies but if you have been meeting a lot of guys and still blush every time they compliment you, babes try watching the compliment patterns. Don’t they all say the same thing with just a few changed words here and there? Even though a few could be genuine like a beautiful smile or beautiful eyes but what about others? there are so many fake compliments guys give ladies in a way that you think they are real and below are some of them:
You look different: “This is the best most guys come up with, they know that their vocabulary is exhausted with mesmerizing eyes and luscious lips, so when they want to woo you and can’t think of something better, it’s always you look different”.
You’re not like other girls: “And this is said to every girl he meets, guys have figured it out that ladies do not like being compared to anyone especially in a negative way so they slip in this easy compliment of “you’re so different, you’re just not like the other girls, you’re so caring and understanding and you give me so much space” but nothing of this is completely true”.
I can talk to you about anything: “Is that even a compliment? you can actually talk to anyone about anything; if you have been buying this compliment, girl, open your eyes and come back to reality, he can talk about anything to his male friends too and even some of his female friends there’s no exclusivity”.
You’re so good in bed: “Will a guy ever tell any girl she’s bad or she is horrible in lovemaking?guys often tend to compliment their girlfriends about their performance to get more s3x; don’t start considering yourself a s3x goddess or believe this one because he said he has never had such great s3x before”.

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