The happy in love: “Research has shown that 70% of the time, people cheat because they’re not happy and need to find it elsewhere; a person who’s happy in a relationship would hardly cheat because they’re at a very good place in their life and wouldn’t want to ruin that”.

The true Christians: “When I say ‘true’ it is because a lot of people go to church, but don’t uphold the teachings of their faith so I am not going to say just any Christian can be faithful to their partner, I will say the true Christian wouldn’t be swayed by anything because like I mentioned before now, every faith has its belief and Christianity advises against cheating; it even advises against fornication, which is having premarital s3x, so that is a major obstacle to cheating and if a true Christian believer likes you, they will do so without going for s3x until marriage, and they wouldn’t even consider getting the satisfaction elsewhere”.
The mature mind: “Maturity comes with a lot of understanding. A mature person in a relationship knows that they made a promise to be faithful and they have to keep it; it is not like they’re not vulnerable to temptation like everybody else, they are but they also know that they have to fight it off, and avoid situations that expose them to such, which includes changing their circle of friends and avoiding certain places; the mature mind is guarded by principles, they may not be religious, but they do mean a lot to them and they always respect them”.

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