Cheating signsRelationships are complicated and even more difficult if you suspect the woman you are dating is just playing with you, she may seem the most beautiful, sweet and romantic girl, however, appearance does not always reflect true feelings so be careful because you can end up wrapped emotionally and sentimentally in a relationship without a future.
Here are clear signals if she is playing you.
You are not the only one in her life: “If your woman tells you she is confused about her feelings toward you and she does not stop seeing her ex, making it clear that she has a complicated love life then you must keep in mind that you are not the only one in her life and if you know that she has another relationship but still she does not stop seeing you then you have no future with her.
She takes care of her space too much: We all need our space but it is not normal for that space to be jealously guided but if your woman is mysterious and you don’t know anything about her more than what she shows or tell you then something is not right. In a relationship, respecting the space of each other is fundamental but this, in turn, is also shared in some ways;if you do not know your girl’s family and there is always an excuse for that it means she does not want you to meet them and if you barely know her friends it also means she does not want to show you off because you are not her romantic priority because a woman completely excluding you from her life is not normal.
If she does not call your her boyfriend: Although for you she is the woman of your life and you let everyone know it does not mean that it is the same for her, if you are with a woman who introduces you to people as a “Friend” or with your name then something is very wrong. In the intimacy, it seems you are dating but to the world, you may not be just more than a friend and she does not want others to know she is in a relationship with you.

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