a check for one hundred kisses. Be available to cash the check for him when and where he want it.

2) The next time you’re out to dinner, casually take out a pen and write a note to him on a paper napkin—letting him know what he can look forward to at home. Fold it and slide it across the table

3) As he heads out for work, give him a passionate kiss. If he wants to know what it was for, tell him it’s the appetizer for tonight’s menu

4) Pamper his tootsies with a relaxing foot massage. All you need is a warm basin of water, some soap, a towel, and some lotion

6) Refrain from saying “I told you so.” That might be the best gift of all.

7) Handwrite his favorite Bible verse on parchment. After laminating it, surprise him by tucking it into his Bible.
8) Have your guy write down on slips of paper his five favorite things to do. Fold them and place them in a bowl. Let him draw one out and read it — then do it together.
9) Blindfold your husband and “kidnap” him. Take him to a hotel room where you have prepared a romantic tryst.
10) Men view romance differently than women. Ask your husband to describe what’s romantic to him. Don’t be surprised when his ideas sound very different from yours To request for her phone number, enter your ACTIVE email address below, click SUBMIT and check your inbox!

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