There are some things women say when they are not into men; owing to the coy nature of the women, there are certain hints they drop when communicating with men they do not want to date. The extremely smart ones may be more diplomatic in their dealings and therefore avoid being quoted.
In this present age and time, women are being lectured on the need to be polite when turning down proposal from men. Younger women are being taught not to abuse men who they do not want to date.
As a result of these, men may not get the direct answer they are waiting for. It is pathetic watching many men hang on to straws because they simply cannot interpret the signs the women give when they ask them out. In other cases, the men are simply filled with hope and continue to wait on the ladies until they become hopeless.
Owing to this, we have decided to look into this issue and analyze the things women say when they are not interested in you:

1. I would love to focus more on myself for now

2. I am not ready to go into a relationship now

3. I have never seen you in that light

4. I do not know what the future says, but this is not the time



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