There's this male radio presenter I always listen to on one station.. I don't usually listen to radio that much, buh I always make time to listen to this one station, and the male presenter (not mentioning his  name or the station) cos of his sweet honey voice 

The first time I heard his voice, I became weak. I think I even fell in love with him and his sexy voice, and he's so romantic!
I already thought he was so handsome since his voice can make me sleep! right? well, i made up my mind to Google him, follow him on twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc!!
when his pic came up on the website, I had to reload the page to be sure it was really him.... I wanted to cry! cos I already pictured him as this ruthlessly handsome six-packed Adonis... he was handsome oo, buh I guess my expectations were higher than the tallest man on earth 

I know its bad and downgrading, buh its lyk a part of me(and hopefully someone else out there), once the voice is sweet, I expect the face to be sweet too
I guess we can't have everything

anytime I listen to him now, the effect he use to have on me before is different now, its still there, buh not as strong as before.

am I the only one who experiences this?

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