From a reader:
What Happened yesterday….
I just met this young girl 23, I like her and I think she does too she has visited me at home 4times, at the bar (where my friend works as manager) countless times, I have flex her, she even brought two of her friends on separate occasions which she didn’t inform me I tried my best to make them all feel OK. 
I’ve made move 3 times , two at the bar and one at home, she turned me down with excuses of I am tired, am sick. the last excuse was 3 weeks ago when she said we have to date a month before it, it has been a month and two weeks today. she called me in the morning I was still in church couldn’t pick, I called her just now asking about her before I know it she said she needed Money for tomorrow, without thinking twice I said I exhausted all my cash at the service before she asked I said she should come over to hangout (I used a $3x tone), She ignored. To end the phone call I asked again if she’s gonna come over she said she will call me.

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