Losing er3ction during s3x can be a very disappointing experience because every man wants to impress any woman he takes to bed and without er3ction there is really nothing much to do.
If you are the type that has a history of having your boner flake on you, today, we have few tips that should help you.
Talk s3x: “Distract yourself from your little head and use your big head in bed, indulging in dirty talk and fantasies can help reignite the pleasure of s3x for both of you”.
Get kinky: “Speak about your secret fantasies and fetishes with each other and indulge in them; sometimes, all you need to bring your little guy up is a whole new s3xual experience”.
Be comfortable in bed: “Don’t carry your own weight on your arms for too long when you’re on top of her, feel relaxed and avoid any scenarios that bother you like sweating too much, overeating before s3x or having s3x when you’re too tired”.
Get innovative: “Too much of a good thing can get boring, your girl may be the sexiest thing alive, but unless you create new ways to enjoy each other in bed, one of you may get bored which will eventually lead to you feeling less satisfied and less horny”.
Take time, don’t rush in: “This is something most guys don’t know and don’t care to know, foreplay always helps the guy hold on longer; you may think it’s pointless, but by indulging in foreplay for 15 minutes before penetration, your little guy would get more time to warm himself up for the act, just don’t think about your erection until you have to penetrate her and when it’s time, you can rest assured that he’ll be ready”.
Don’t concentrate on your little head: “Instead, just focus on satisfying and pleasuring your partner; when you spend too much time pondering over how erect you are, you’d kill the fun which will, in turn, kill your er3ction”.
Work out and look sexy: “Better yet, start working out, a good cardio workout makes you feel fit and healthy, and it greatly improves your flexibility and blood circulation; when you look good, you’d feel alive down there and the increased blood circulation would ensure that your boneless buddy would be upright and hard for a long time”.
Quit smoking if you can: “Smoking destroys your lungs which in turn affect the amount of oxygen your lungs can absorb, which increases the fatigue in your muscles and leaves you tired all the time; the more oxygen in your body, the easier it will be for that all important muscle to function down there”.
Don’t masturbate too often: “Masturbation can be good to control the problem of premature ejaculation, but it’s not good if you want to keep it hard for a long time”.
Don’t change positions too often in bed: “You may have heard that changing positions can be more fun but by doing that, you will end up worrying too much about whether your member will continue to stay erect during each penetration and end up feeling more stressed”.
Don’t hurry it up: “It may seem like a good idea to slip it in quickly as soon as you know it’s hard, and feel relieved that you were erect enough to penetrate her but this routine will make you lose your confidence gradually and scare you away from slow and relaxed penetration over time”.
Avoid s3x for a month: “If nothing else works for you, this definitely should; take s3x out of the calendar for an entire month, by restricting s3x for a while, you can bring the arousal and curiosity back into bed and that will definitely help you keep an erection up for as long as you have to perform”.

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