Surveys performed on men about the attitudes of women that most bother them and when they are frequent, can lead to the relationship to crumble, are:
They hate that women do not respect their personal space: It is not really that women try to drown their partners, but often need to know things that their partners do not give them to know, an attitude that is usually interpreted as an invasion. Even so, it is true that both of them need their own space to develop personally, space that the other must know how to respect.
Jealousy: Although men claim that women are out of line seeing things that are not real, they should know that jealousy without reason does not exist, regardless of what he does, they always occur because the couple feels threatened. It is therefore important for the man to explore what the reason for that behaviour is.
They do not like that they are too sentimental: This is very understandable because in our society the man is forced to be stronger, is difficult for him to manage his feelings. So if they can not manage their own emotionality, it costs them much more to handle their partners.
Shopping, they hate it: Men are much more direct when it comes to shopping, do not look at as many details as women, this is why they don’t bother spending hours choosing a pair of shoes or pants. They buy what they at first sight like without wasting time in looking at other options.
Insecure women: It really does not bother them if the woman is insecure, but the fact that many times in the relationship they are forced to deliver something that they are not willing to give. Women need to be with a man who gives them security and not everyone is comfortable with this role.
Do not like women who talk non-stop
It makes them angry that women use s3x as a weapon: Rather it is about different perspectives; For men, it is very easy to separate the sentimental from the body, but for them, it is quite the opposite because if they are fighting and the woman does not want to have s3x, the man feels that they are punishing him.
Hiding their past: It bothers them a lot that they hide their past, they believe that each person has its history and that to be in a couple each one must accept the antecedents of the other.
Women criticizing each other: They disagree that women criticize among them, but the truth is that men hide this fact. Although they are more reserved and less explicit, certainly also, from time to time they do the same.

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