There are so many women out there, who live under the illusion that they are the main and only chick of their man as their relationship appear to be serious but they are just being played and strung along by their man as those men are either married or have their special woman somewhere else but they are charming and also come with nice gifts to deceive unsuspecting women into believing that they genuinely care about them, but once they are done with these women they move on, leaving them heartbroken.
At times the signs are always there for women to know something is not right but for lack of evidence, they continue to believe in those dubious men, while some of the below listed may not be true at times but here are major signs you are the side chick and not the main madam so if you ever find yourself questioning your place in his life, just watch him closely, and look out for the following signs
He always has a story to tell: “He always has a story cooked up to tell you as his excuse for not being there when you need him on special days like your birthday, Valentine’s, etc, he ditches you on these special occasions to spend them with his main woman, and when you confront him about it, he has an already made excuse for you”.
His stories don’t add up: “Sometime when you tell too many lies, you end up forgetting the ones you told previously when a man keeps starts telling you conflicting stories about his personal life, it may be a sign that he’s manipulating you; you must be careful”.
“He forms a sweet excuse about how he doesn’t want you to waste your money calling him, so, he’d like to do the calling, but the truth is, he’s just being cautious; he doesn’t want you calling because you could call at the wrong time of the day, say, when he’s spending time with his wife or main chick”.
“If he never hangs out with you or doesn’t appear in public with you, or only takes you off-town to chill, something is definitely going on, it could be because he knows his woman or her friends /people could walk in on you two at any time, so he wouldn’t risk it”.
“You’ve been dating him for months now, but you have never visited his place –in fact, you may not even know where he lives; he does the visiting, and when you tell him you want to know his place, he gives you a well-cooked excuse it may be that he doesn’t yet have a place of his own or something along the line; the actual truth is that he probably has a wife or fiancĂ© back home so he will never take you there”.
“You’re with him, his phone rings, and he has to go a few metres away from you before he can answer the call, not that this happens with every call, but with certain ones, it may be a sign that you’re being played and it’s probably his main woman or wife calling, so in a bid to avoid answering different questions, he hides to take the call”.
Remember these are not sure signs, but they may be suggesting he is hiding something so if you notice any of these signs, you may need to do some investigation of your own to find out what is really going on.

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