Love hurts and at times dating can be equally painful especially  when you are trying to gauge the other person’s interest in you it can be nerve-wracking, while you are planning your future with that person he/she is busy baiting ten others like you. You spend hours stalking them on social media and obsessively go through all their updates and in a few weeks, after all the initial fire fizzles out, and you are back in the dating game, going through the exact same ordeal all over again and preparing for your next heartache even though at times you see it all coming but you tend to ignore because when someone is genuinely into you, it shows, all you have to do is look for the right signs.
Here are top hints that you are chasing a doomed, one-sided relationship and you need to opt out fast.
Irregular texting and calling: “This one is gospel because when  it is a mutual attraction, they don’t keep you waiting for their calls and texts, you could expect at least a message or two every day and it is bad news if the volume and frequency of the messages are any lesser; if all calls and messages have to be initiated by you, take the hint because in a few weeks, you could find yourself watching romantic movies and crying on your pal’s shoulders”.
They’ve met all your friends, you haven’t met theirs: “When you genuinely like someone, you try to make a place for the person in your life; you want to introduce the person to your friends and hope that they like him or her; after all, your friends better get used to seeing your darling more often but if months have passed and you haven’t met any of  their friends, it’s better to make a clean break and move on”.
Blowing hot and blowing cold: “Their affection comes in spurts and then you don’t hear from them for a long time and one midnight, they’d call and profess their love and appreciation for you, apologising for being too ‘busy’ to notice you but this sudden spike in interest is not sustained for a long time; their sweet words work like titbits to feed you just enough to sustain your interest in them because you still don’t mean a lot to them to make earnest, consistent efforts to keep you in their lives”.
“They don’t remember anything you said, this simply shows that they don’t care enough to pay attention to what you are saying”.
Friends don’t treat you any differently: “While your sweetheart gets all the attention from your friends, you are basically snubbed by your significant other’s mates, this is a good way to test whether you matter or not is to check how the posse reacts to you because if someone has been praising you and fawning about you to the friends, it will show; the friends will be curious to meet this special someone who has bedazzled one of their own and if they are not excited by your presence, it means they don’t want to invest their time in someone (yes, you) who may probably not stick around for too long”.

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