I am nineteen and yet to fvck a girl. Yea, you can begin screaming ‘WTF!’ all you want.
Well, that wouldn’t change a thing. Or would it? Let’s get back to the real story now again, shall we? Fine.
So…I started seeing p0rn at the age of thirteen. I was in High school then and always asked my friends for their dirty magazines. I loved women (…and still do of course. Wonder how I shouldn’t when I ain’t gay) and was always attracted to more matured ones (MILFs mostly).
Even though I craved to fvck one day, I always never had the courage to approach any girl who was within my age bracket to ask her out. This meant I would continue with endless fantasies (…like Genevieve Nnaji giving me a b00b job. How silly though!), p0rn and masturbation.
By nineteen, I had developed what was becoming one of the largest d!cks for someone my age. My friends had always talked about how large it was and even never minded telling their girl friends. I was never bothered too as I only found it pleasing and largely a source of man pride.
They claimed the pecker had only gotten that big because I started fvcking girls from a very tender age. I knew better but I never told them how wrong they were (they were dunce after all). Whenever we talked about sex, my experiences with p0rn always looked to substitute for me and over time, most of them began asking me for a couple tips on how they could please their girls.
it was quite hilarious! (…and you can see why I called them d*nce. Haha)
The closest I had gotten to having sex was with a visiting sister to a neighbor. As a result of my area of training I somehow became of help to the neighbor in question. He always gave me little tasks to carry out on his behalf of which he pays me for.
I had just gotten into my third year in the university and I had a fair idea of what he always gave me to do. It was on one of such assignments that I got to meet Mary (now, not the mother of that guy who died on the cross. This one is quite  not as innocent).
The fat or the slim, I said it was the later of which she did not totally agree to and I knew why. She was a bit plump but was nonetheless married although without kids. She tried presenting all her argue-facts and in the attempt asked me if I knew what it was like having a woman with lots of flesh in bed. I answered like I had tried both of the two sides before but that could not convince her.

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