Am a very big fan of your blog , and I don’t comment I just read and learn …..I was able to gather courage to send my own story to you .
My worry is that my boyfriend has never pressed my b.reast for one day and we have dated for 3years now. During love making he kisses me but avoids my B.reast and go straight to fingering me . I hate being fingered and I have told him to rather give me a head than use his finger but he said that is what turns Him on

The strangest thing is that he never gives head but each time he fingers me he licks it but will never put his head . Sometimes he ask me to do same and I will and put it in his mouth , and he will almost chop of my hand with licking .
Am getting worried ,because my friends said he is a ritualist and he will soon use me for money .
I decided to ask him why he does not touch my b.reast or give head but prefers to deep and lick , but his reply was so strange .
He said he is scared of milk coming out of it and for the licking it adds life to him …
It was strange but I did not want to read meaning into it . so that is why am sending you this story .

Pls post it.

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