Nigerian Lady Who Allowed Her Boyfriend To Stay At Her Place Comes Home To Find Another Lady's Panties And Used Condom In Bathroom (Photos)Nigerian Relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin has shared a touching story of how a Lady came back to her apartment in Lagos, which is currently occupied by her Boyfriend, and found another lady’s panties and condoms.
The heartbroken lady, who revealed to Joro, said that the only thing stopping her from taking sniper (committing suicide) now, is her mom, also revealed she has been dating this said boyfriend for 3 years now.
The lady shared a video showing the lady’s panties and the condom used by her boyfriend.
She also revealed that the boyfriend does not use foreign condoms on her but local ones.
Read the full post below;
“I left my apartments open for my Omo ale oloriburuku alaidaa for a BF to stay because he lost his job and could not pay his rent. See what I found. Am a size 14 before but he make me lose weight now to size 10. Now he’s sleeping with size 18. Watch these video please. God guide me tonight. I’m having temperature.”
“What do men really want? What should I do? After 3 years of dating all these. Am a size 14 before and he ask me to trim up. After all the money and time to trim up. I give him everything. Money, sex, good food, prayers. What am I doing wrong? He will tell me I’m too big. Am too fat, I can be more beautiful if I trim down.”
The pains to trim down. Now to return to Lagos and meet all these? I hate him now with all my heart. What should I do? I want to see him. But he’s not taking my calls. He’s stuffs is still here. Help me. Am just doing it. I will go back to size 14. What am I doing wrong? Help! Please am in pains.”
See the pictures below;

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