A Nigerian Man took to social media to lament about on how his girlfriend wants to quit the relationship because he call her at least 3 times daily.
The corps member serving in Ondo state says even though he chats with his girl all the time on Whatsapp, she wants him to call at least 3 times daily, but most times he feels there’s nothing to talk about that warrants him calling her.
He says despite not being a good caller, he calls her at least four times in a week, but she thinks this is not enough.
Read his write up below:
“I am a serving Corps members in Ondo state, and my girlfriend is a fashion designer and a student. In terms of financial needs, she is self sufficient.
But i don’t really understand her. I love her that is the fact, i intend settling down with her very soon.
Most of the issues I have with her is that ; she wants me to call her at least three times a day , and most of the time we do chat on whatsapp, and I feel there is nothing really to say that will warrant me calling her, mind you I call her at least four times in a week, I am not a good caller anyway, but that doesn’t reduce my love for her, I don’t really know what she wants. I call her this morning and she was complaining I didn’t call her, that the sister who came to visit her, the husband calls her almost every hour, and I replied by saying I am not her sisters husband, she should learn to accept me the way I am, and if she can’t she can let go.
She sent me a text that is over, I am not perturbed anyway, but my worries is, why should this be an issue?.”
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