It is no new that women marry quite early in life while men stay late and some very very late before getting married, some even wait till their 40s and 50s before settling down?
But what could be responsible for this trend?
Fear of commitment: “While a few men have no problem with sticking to one woman for a very long time, there are lots and lots of men who have a problem with it which is why most men get scared at the thought of marriage; they’d rather be in the sort of relationship where they won’t have to feel responsible for, and accountable to someone than be in one where their ‘freedom’ will be limited, they want to live life their own way, and not have to be bothered about someone else’s feelings”.
Fear of getting into the wrong union: “The problem for some men isn’t commitment; rather, it is the fear of falling into the wrong hands in marriage; many men have heard different stories about failed marriages, and the reasons they failed; others have had a few bad relationships themselves, and when they put these into consideration, they opt to remain single, than put themselves in danger of settling with the wrong woman, and suffering the regret and trauma that may follow”.
Financial status: “We all know that money plays a major role in starting a family, without money, you cannot even have a decent wedding in most parts of the world which is why you find that most men would rather wait till they have enough of it before they take the big step in their relationship and for this set of men, the will is there, but the money isn’t”.
Single friends: “When you are single, and most of your friends are, the thought of marriage may hardly occur to you because you have no one in your life to remind you of it; you tend to live the sort of life they live, just so you continue to have them in your life and this is why you see that most men get married only after their friends must have because that is when reality sets in and apart from that, there are instances where friends dissuade friends from taking the next step in their relationship; all these can contribute to make a man uninterested in marriage”.
So here are some major reasons why I think a lot of eligible men are still single instead and are afraid of starting a family. “Are you an eligible bachelor? Why are you still single?kindly, share your reasons with us.

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