The truth is that there is no magic recipe to prevent him from cheating on you, but we can share some tips to avoid him being unfaithful.
Here are some secrets that will never make him cheat on you.
Do not let him feel that he conquered you completely: When you start to be available to him all the time, you want to do what he always says and becomes your priority, men automatically feel that “they already have you conquered” and lose a little interest. Without overdoing it, make him believe that he is not your priority and that you are with him because YOU WANT and not because you NEED it. There is a big difference.
Give yourself your place: Although they get angry, men like women who put them in their place. If he wants to go overboard, immediately give yourself your place, he will know that he can not play games with you and, at the same time, he will be more attracted to you.
Be sure of yourself: Even the most beautiful women have been cheated, it has nothing to do with beauty, but with attitude. Like yourself, feel at ease and you will see how you will project a very sexy attitude.
Compete with yourself: That is, overcome yourself and stop competing with others, the important thing is to grow professionally and personally. Keeping up to date and in constant renewal, will keep you focused on yourself and him, admiring you.

Be his lover instead of becoming his mom: Do you remember the first date you had with him? Surely you did not tell him to take a sweater, not to ask for such a food plate because it could make him feel bad, or even a small motherly behaviour. Men want a woman at their side, not their mother. Well, almost all …
Focus on yourself and you will remain attractive to him.
Be good in bed: It does not mean that you have to please him at all, it is that you read more about the s3x topics, try new things. In short, enjoy and have fun with your sexuality.
Stop worrying: Do not ever ask him if he has been unfaithful to one of his partners, or if he has considered it because at that moment he will consider it. If you are with him, you’re supposed to trust him, aren’t you?  You must be sure of yourself, d not stress too much and enjoy the relationship.
Never be unfaithful yourself: Obvious, you can not ask for extreme loyalty if you do not offer it first.

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