There are so many women who are physically beautiful but are very unattractive, a person’s attractiveness is not judged based on physical qualities alone. There are some beautiful ladies out there that are very unattractive due to some reasons.
Here are 6 ways ladies make themselves less attractive to men.
You are rude: “You make yourself less attractive to men when people see you as someone who insults people easily and is rude; avoid being rude, instead be respectful and kind”.
You are dishonest: “A dishonest woman will always appear less attractive to men irrespective of how beautiful she is on the outside, avoid thinking you can get away with being dishonest because you are good-looking”.
You are negative: “The way people feel when around you will make you appear either attractive or less attractive, being constantly negative will make you appear less attractive to men; be positive”.
You focus on your flaws: “You appear less attractive to men when you focus more on your flaws and less on your strengths when you focus more on your flaws, you don’t give people the opportunity to see your strengths”.
You always want things your own way: “You appear less attractive to men when you always want to have things your own way, stop being a control freak. Being flexible will make you appear more attractive”.
You are selfish: “You appear less attractive to men when you are seen as a woman who is selfish and thinks about herself alone, avoid focusing on yourself alone”.

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