Here are 7 texts that will guarantee a response back from any guy: 

1. Send him a hilarious and relatable meme.

It should be capable of starting a conversation while getting a few laughs in there.

2. If you want to meet up with him, be assertive with your text.

Suggest, don’t ask. For example, ‘You and I are going to hav a movie night at my place, be there’This shows confidence.

3. Tease him a bit.

This may intrigue him, he won’t be sure if you’re dropping hints or just being nice.

4. Stroke his ego a little.

Ladies love compliments and so do men, so tell him something that will make him blush.

5. Be se xy, but not too out there either.

For example, “Just taking a bath…going to head out later”. This plants an image in his head without being too forward.

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