Oral s3x can be pretty great for the giver and the receiver and since the mouth is not exactly like the vag!na, there is a whole lot of logistics involved in doing things right. A good blowj0b should please, excite and arouse your partner.
Below are things you need to keep in mind when going down on your man and these simple tips and tricks will help you ensure you are going down on him in a way he enjoys.
The teeth: “Being bitten has got to be the number one complaint and fear of most men, there is an art to fellatio and the key to mastering it is to know exactly what to do with your lips in order to avoid your teeth scraping him; the best technique is to wrap your lips around his p3nis and suck it in and this will prevent your teeth from directly contacting his p3nis”.
Keep the pace: “Going at a constant rhythm gives men the most pleasure, a lot of women think if they go as fast as possible, it will cause their partners to ejaculate faster, but the truth is that it’s the whole experience that contributes to his satisfaction; if he is loving it, then maintain that pace”.
Be careful with the balls: “The testicles are a very sensitive body part, which also makes it a hot pleasure zone, increase your man’s satisfaction by gently (the keyword here is gentle) licking, sucking or tugging on his balls as pulling too hard or biting them by mistake will not only piss him off but will send him shock waves of pain”.
Spit it out: “A good blowj0b includes a lot of saliva, if your mouth is too dry, his member will be too sticky and it won’t feel smooth and as unsavoury as it may sound, spitting on his p3nis is the best form of lubrication”.
Avoid choking: “Oral s3x definitely takes some getting used to and most men understand that if you’re inexperienced, you are bound to choke up or have some sort of gag reflex but, try to keep it to a minimum in order to not hurt your man’s ego or make him feel uncomfortable; don’t try to ‘deep throat’ if you aren’t up for it. Work your way up the fellatio ladder slowly and only take as much as you can and this will create a better experience for both of you”.
Feel it: “Oral s3x should be enjoyable, so don’t do it only to please your man, if your heart (or libido) isn’t into it, your partner will know; take an active role when performing fellatio, you might not be a professional or know some truly unique techniques, but your man can help with that so ask him what he likes or doesn’t like to get the most out of the experience”.

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