Many women have this lackluster attitude when they finally get married; they somehow fail to understand some basics of marriage and one of those basics is making their men continually attracted to them all through their marriage.
“Being sexy is an important tool every woman should be ready to use to her advantage; it doesn’t end after getting your man to put a ring on your finger; a lot is also needed so that he would continually find you attractive from then onward because if you have been with married men who are open about their relationship you would simply understand that one of the reasons why many of them cheat is because they aren’t physically attracted to their wives that much and a major reason for that is because women tend to care little about their s3x appeal once they are married”.
Below are five simple but effective ways every married woman can still keep her sexy.
Your lingerie and nightwear matter: “This is one thing that most men are fascinated at but won’t say; a lady’s underwear and her nightwear are two things that married women should never take for granted, research has shown that emotions for s3x are much stronger at night and this is a reason why the way a woman sleeps at night is very important; and as for the underwear part, there is nothing more appealing than a woman in a sexy underwear, they have much effects than you can imagine”.
Scent is sexy: “There is something about men and scent; a good scent has this aphrodisiac effect on men; your bathing soap, body cream, deodorant or cologne should have a great fragrance and it would help you in more ways than you can imagine, scent may not be visible but men find it sexy”.
Attitude can be sexy: “The way you talk, the way you laugh, your composure and the lot are all attitudinal traits that can also be sexy if well utilised; if you doubt me then observe carefully on what attracts married men to other women; it isn’t always the woman’s physical characteristics, it also has a lot to do with her attitudinal traits”.
Being fashionable also matters: “Being fashionable would help you even when you’re married; knowing a thing or two about fashion would keep you sexy for a very long time; I think most men would be more attracted to their partner if they know how to look good in everything they wear”.
“Plus lesser clothing while you are home would make you irresistible; a little show of flesh can as well help keep your man’s eyes off you and your shape matters as well; the fact you are married doesn’t mean you should lose your shape, being married shouldn’t stop your sexy so if you can’t be sexy for yourself then be sexy for your man”.

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