It is not a secret for anyone that any man likes to have a smart woman at his side, funny, with a sense of humour, ready to live adventures, with a touch of sensuality and mischief, in short, a woman full in every way.
But then why are so many women of this style single in the world? Do men really feel comfortable with ladies like that?
Excessive intelligence: By this, we never mean that men prefer crude ones because the truth is that they admit to being attracted to intelligent girls. However, they are intimidated by a woman who is constantly demonstrating her intelligence and culture, because they run the risk of feeling inferior. This, like everything else, is not standard, if he is also very intelligent and cultured he may not feel intimidated by this attitude.
Stunning beauty: That for a man who has not wished to have a woman with stunning and incredible beauty at his side raise his hand, but the truth is that a large percentage of guys do not even get close to a woman with these qualities, so beautiful that makes her seem unreachable. They are simply intimidated and do not take the step, hence the saying “the luck of the ugly the pretty want it.
Self-sufficient first: If you are an independent woman, confident of yourself and with self-sufficiency to do what you want without the need for a man to intervene, we congratulate you, you are one of ours! But it is important to remember that although they appreciate a secure woman, they also like to feel useful and part of something, if these qualities become clear too quickly he may feel intimidated and out of place, thinking. So, she does not need a man, let him know that you are independent, but that from time to time you like to be helped.
Obvious and direct desire: This may be strange, they love a sensual and daring girl, but who knows how to move in the world of seduction in a smart way, because those women who straight say how much they wish to go to bed with them, almost without knowing them, can be very intimidating, remember that men like to promote seduction without feeling trapped.

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