“I love doing it with you: No one had ever made me feel so good, women often resort to such comments to make their partner feel special, however, how many more were told the same thing?
“Yes, of course, I’m very tired, too: I think it was enough, during ejaculat!on, men release substances such as serotonin, oxytocin and prolactin, chemicals that generate a sense of well-being and satisfaction and that also stimulate sleep. Therefore, it is ‘natural’ for women to hold this statement to make their partners “feel good”. Little lie?
Do not worry, I do not like kissing during s3x: Some men have the habit of going straight to the point and forget that women need stimulation to get into the game. Total Lies! Kisses go for everything.
I already had two or three orgasms: What note from 1 to 10 does she give to her s3xual relationship when she manages to reach orgasm? She will say that up to 11 or maybe a -0! Who knows But this depends on how much sensation she may have experienced in s3x.
No problem, I do not expect every time we have s3x, you go down on me: What she has not yet found an answer to is; why is she always faithful to do it, but you are not?
Size does not matter: Lie! It does matter, women are more attracted to men with large members.

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