Please help me.
I went to visit my Girlfriend in her hostel….. while gisting, and reminiscing about what we’ve had in the past, we just started kissing, she pulled off her dress, help me pull off mine, and I started suck!ng her down there, and we had great s*x.
The next morning, I went to the bathroom, was having a pee, and I spat.. I noticed my spit was red, I felt it was due to the injury I had on my tongue previously, but no..
I went to check the mirror, and I saw strain of blood in between my teeth.. I was shocked, I ran to the room, only to see my girlfriend wearing her pad.
I asked her what happened, she said her peri0d came while we were doing it… and she didn’t know till that morning..
Please help me, has she collected my destiny?”

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