Dear Bunmi,
I’ve just met this wonderful man who is clever, funny and s *xy. The problem is he’s massive ‘down there’. I’m on the small size so s *x is always a bit painful, but this is agony.
I’m frightened to try again. Do you think we have a future?
Jessica, (by e-mail.)
Read the response of Bunmi below:

Dear Jessica,
Don’t panic! You say s* x is painful, so I think you may not be producing enough bellow-the-belt lubrication.

Take your time, and instead of rushing to get started, indulge in a lot of fore play. Relax whilst you do that. If you need further help, a reputable chemist will recommend some lubricants, and remember, some positions are better than others.

Talk to him about your fears – then have fun discovering ways to make love-making more pleasurable for both of you. Your bits are designed to accommodate the head of a baby – and I’m sure that even he’s is not that big!

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