It’s over a year since I got married and have been trying to get pregnant. So far, there’s no chance of that happening. (Sincerely) I had an ab0rtion three years ago and I’m worried that there’s something wrong. I’ve read about the best time to conceive, yet we’ve had no success.
I go to the bathroom straight after having s*x.
Does this affect my chances of getting pregnant? I’m so scared that I won’t be able to have children.
– A married lady, Mrs T. sent this to Aunty Bunmi. Read her reply below:
Dear Mrs. T,
Your earlier pregnancy has confirmed your fertility. A woman’s ability to bear children is only rarely affected by an ab0rtion these days.
Unfortunately, this fear rears its ugly head when another child takes time to come along. Your anxiety is based on guilt about a painful decision you made – and for which you feel you’re now being punished.
The best and most enjoyable time for a couple to have s*x when they’re trying to conceive is often. Making love will be more pleasurable if you relax and empty your bladder first. If you’ve not conceived after 12 months, you need to consult your doctor for tests. Infertility may also reflect deficiency in a man’s s’p-erm. Meanwhile, focus not on making babies but on the thrill of sharing intimacy and love, and see how things develop.

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