You will agree that it takes time for women to warm up to a guy, and most women don’t usually let their guard down and once their guard down they will love and trust their partner deeply. A woman in love will make excuses for their man when they are not getting it right, she will stand by her man when he is yet to find his feet and be there for him when he needs someone to lean on but the main thing about trust is that although it takes time to build, it does not take much time to lose it.
“For men in relationships, while your woman might give you a long leash because of the love she has for you, there are still things you should not do to abuse that trust and below are 5 of these things”.
Avoid situations that require apologies: “A good man knows he has responsibilities and acts accordingly, that way you do not need to apologise for disappointing her; if you can build a habit of doing things expected of you and living up to your promises, you can never lose your woman’s belief in you”.
Learn to say sorry: “Sometimes circumstances occur beyond our powers, when these uncontrollable things happen and affect your ability to deliver on a promise made, be apologetic enough and give accurate explanations for why you were unable to do what you said you would”.
Be yourself everywhere: “Imagine having to change your personality around the different groups of people you belong in,  you are religious and full of good morals, at another place you are free and full of loose talk. That’s being double-faced and a woman who notices this might have issues still trusting you.
Private information: “If you are quick to leak every sensitive secret you are trusted with to her, won’t it be long before she starts to wonder if her own secret is even safe with you?”.
How you talk about people you ‘care’ about: “Do you say bad things about people you ‘care’ about behind their backs? do you belittle them and make them sound or look like nothing when they are not there? this could also affect the way you are seen, and the amount of trust your partner will have in you”

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