When most ladies are in love, they wish their man think about nothing else but them but nevertheless, that someone will miss you is somewhat difficult, either for everyday life duties, stress or other reasons.
Dear ladies, pushing him too much is not good; investigating about him on social media and other means is a very bad thing. Here are 4 Things You Can Do For Him To Miss You and that I hope will be of great help to you. Good luck and keep watching to find out.
Stay away: As a first step it sounds contradictory, isn’t it? Just stay away! It’s like they say; “nobody knows what it has until it loses it”. If you do nothing else but calling him and harassing him, how will you give him the chance to miss you? I understand that it is not that easy, but this will give him enough time to think of you.
Keep yourself busy: Stay busy my friend, a man does not like a woman who has nothing to tell. Men seek an interesting woman, so put the batteries on and do something productive, so that when he calls you, you tell him the things you’ve done, seen, or read. Show him that you are interesting and you are not a dependent of a cell phone or a computer to know about him. He will have more interest to know what else you do with your life. It is not easy but it gives good results.
Highlight the nice things you’ve done together: When you get the chance to talk to him either by any means, suddenly highlight cute details that you have lived together, bring them out occasionally, do not annoy him. By doing this, he will remember how much fun you had together and gives him something to think about when you’re not there.
Try to always be a good company: Ladies, always try to be a good company, do not tell him the thousands of problems or debts you have or if you feel fat or skinny. Tell him nice things, let him know that you admire and respect him but do not place him on a pedestal.
It is easy to miss someone who is fun, friendly and attentive to you. If you and your partner always have a wonderful time together, he will miss you one way or another.

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