1. Give her a head start
Sure, sometimes a quickie is a spontaneous sort of affair. But why not plan for one? Before your partner heads off to work in the morning, let her in on your plans for the evening before you head out for that dinner or work event you already have on the calendar.
She’ll be thinking about you all day and when the time comes, she’ll already have you – and ideally an οrgasm – on her mind. Remember, οrgasms are mostly mental – especially for women.
So get her head in the game early and you’ll have less work to do on the spot.
2. Danger. OK, we’re not talking risking life and limb here. But wondering if you might get caught any second can really up the excitement ante.

Think about it: You generally want to secure the perimeter when you are settling in for a long session. When it’s a quickie you have in mind, making things a little more daring can up the excitement drastically.
So leave that door or window cracked or time things just a little too close and let the threat of being caught get her to the finish line sooner.
3. Location.
Even quickies deserve a good setting. Most women relish a safe, comfortable, clean environment when it comes to sεx.
So forget that filthy bar bathroom or that cheap hotel. Nothing is less sεxy then worrying about dirty sheets – or worse.
If you want your partner to get off in good time, make sure the setting is appealing and she’s feeling comfortable (as in, she’s thinking about getting “dirty” and not on the toilet paper stuck to her shoe…)
4. Oral first
The tongue is an ideal tool for getting a woman ready for a quickie. A study published in the Journal of Sεxual Medicine found that 70% of women require direct clitoral stimulation to οrgasm – so when time is of the essence, forget penetration till the very end.
The clitoris is where you ultimately want to focus your energy. Spend time on her outer lips first and then and let your tongue find her clitoris and refuse to stray. It’ll be your turn next.
5. Assume the position
As discussed, the centre of women’s pleasure is the clitoris, not the vagina. So while penetration is the key sεx act for most men, it’s not at all the main attraction when it comes to female οrgasm.
So, during a quickie it’s imperative that the position you choose allows for her clitoral stimulation. Her on top is a great one so she can rub against you as you thrust.
If she prefers deeper penetration and wants to be taken from behind, be sure to reach around and tend to her clitoris as well.

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