No one can help falling in love but what happens when one fall in love with the wrong person? Well love really can really make one blind and for many people, that blindness does not lift until it has becomes way too late and they have made serious commitments or even gotten married. It can be very hard to think logically, when you are head over heels in love, here are some tips on how to know if you are in love with the wrong person before you are in too deep in that relationship:
Know yourself and trust your inner voice: “We all do it, we ignore our inner voice that is telling us not to do something but ignoring the warning signs in a relationship can lead to dire consequences; don’t ignore the nagging doubts, listen to them and think about them, before you make any commitment”.
Think character, not just chemistry: “That instant and burning chemistry that you feel about someone is not all that takes to create a long lasting and caring relationship, you need to think about the character traits of a person too, no matter how much you love or are infatuated with them; will they actually make a good, long term partner, once that fire has burned down a bit?”.
Listen to your friends and family: “It may be hard to accept and you may think that it’s just jealousy on their part, but it’s worth listening to what your friends and family have to say, if other people are saying negative things about your partner, then they might have a point because sometimes it is easier for them to see things that you have missed, because they can take a more detached, third party view of the situation”.
Always play hard to get: “The chase is all part of the fun and it can prove how serious a person really is about you, if they only want you for all the wrong reasons, then they will soon give up and move on to easier prey, so playing hard to get can be a good test of their intentions”.
Don’t expect to be able to change a person: “Often people enter into romances knowing that their partner has faults, but expecting them to change, remember, a leopard can’t change its spots, so don’t expect that you can mould a person into something different, just by settling down with them”.
Make sure that your life pans coincide: “You have to make compromises in a relationship but there are some things that people are not prepared to give up, even for the sake of love; make sure that your plans for the future can work together and don’t brush important differences under the carpet, thinking that they will go away”.
Make sure that you trust them: “There should be no doubt in your mind at all that you can trust your partner and if you do have any doubt then you should be questioning whether this person is right for a long term relationship, they could be the most wonderful person on the face of the planet, but, if deep down you don’t trust them, that feeling may never go away and it might be proven to be for a good reason”.
Never get in too deep with someone who tries to control you: “A controlling personality may be the sign of an abusive personality, it may appear quite innocent at first, wanting you to dress in a certain way or getting angry when they don’t quite get their own way; no one has the right to tell you how you should behave and what you can and cannot do, so be wary of even the slightest signs of this kind of personality which could be signs of things to come”.
Never settle for less than the best: “Never enter a relationship with a feeling of “this is the best I can get” because you, like everyone, have the right to happiness and you will, one day, find the right person for romance so get to know a person, inside and out, before you make a commitment, so that you don’t find yourself stuck in a relationship with the wrong person”

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