Sometimes, without knowing it and without realizing it, we have attitudes or behaviours that prevent us from finding love or even they can sabotage our own efforts to find someone to make us happy.
Those obstacles to finding love have to do with ourselves and our insecurities so if you really want to find a partner and be happy, pay attention to the obstacles that keep you from achieving it.
Low self-esteem: Having low self-esteem is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to finding love and you can never find a date with good potential if you do not value yourself. This type of behaviour can lead to an abusive relationship that does not make you really happy so it is important that you value yourself, seek to motivate yourself and feel that you really deserve to be with someone who treats you well and makes you happy.
Being negative: Negativity is another obstacle when it comes to finding a partner, nobody wants to go out with a negative person, who does not see the good side of things and complain all the time. If you are like this, look for a way to change your attitude towards yourself and against others, and not just in front of a future boyfriend, but in front of everyone around you. With a positive attitude, you will surely bring good things to your life.
Projecting a bad image: If you do not think you are interesting or attractive, you will be able to project it to others and they will not show interest. Start to change your attitude, to value what you are, what you like and your personality, if you do, you will transmit an image of confidence, security, and joy to those around you. Start by changing the image you have of yourself to achieve great results.
Searching in the wrong place: If you want a lasting relationship, you should keep in mind that the places where you plan to do so may not be the right ones. A bar or a club is not always the best places to meet the partner of your dreams but you should not be conditioned either. The important thing is to leave behind the pressure, to enjoy each place and each experience until it arrives the indicated.
Conveying despair: Sometimes we unwittingly transmit to others our desire to form a couple and that can scare your potential dates. Instead of conveying how much you want to be with someone, you must first seek to feel happy with how you are and with yourself, so you will be able to convey the same to others. You must be confident instead of sad and depressed so change the attitude before planning a date.
Want to move very fast: One mistake that becomes a major obstacle is wanting to move very fast. Everything has its time, you need to know the other person and see if he/she is the one for a good relationship. If you want to move on with the first one you find, you will not have a lasting relationship, you should not rush or lower yourself in front of these obstacles, you must relax and enjoy the company of someone you like and vice versa.

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