I am having an affair with my boss. He told me that he and his partner were breaking up but, six months on, they are still together. He never talks about the two of us moving in together. I am 27, my boss is gorgeous-looking but in his late thirties.
I joined the company 18 months ago when I was still in a relationship with my ex. I thought he was The One but he cheated. It took me a long time to recover. My boss was fantastically supportive.
He arranged for our team to go out for a meal when a colleague left. I noticed he didn’t take his eyes off me all evening. When I said I was getting a taxi home he offered to drive me.
When he stopped outside my door he kissed me and asked if he could “come in for a coffee”. We had a bottle of wine and then he said he’d have to sleep on my sofa as he was not safe to drive.
It was me who suggested we should sleep together. We had s*x and it was amazing — beautiful and tender. We talked the next morning and he told me he and his partner were splitting up. He said he wanted to see me again and that was the start of our relationship.
We go away for weekends, he treats me like a princess and I am madly in love with him. A chance came up for me to move to another branch of the company but I did not take it because I thought we were going to be a proper couple.
Now I am beginning to regret it as he is still with her.
He means so much to me but I worry that I am wasting my time and that we are never going to be together properly. If I say anything about him still being with his partner he either tells me to give him time, or else he gives me a look that says, “Don’t go there”.

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