A woman is in desperate need of help as she cannot match her husband’s high libido which has left her s*x life in shamble.
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I am married to a very nice man who takes good care of me. He loves me and I also love him very much. However, he has a big weakness with his desire for s*x. Whenever we go to bed, he wants to have s*x and for him it does not matter whether I am in the mood or not.

When I am not ready or nearing my periods, I try to make him understand but he almost always goes beyond reason and forces himself on me. Every time this happens I am left feeling used and abused. I know it is my duty to satisfy his sexual needs but I don’t like the fact that he doesn’t care whether I want it or not. Now I no longer enjoy s*x.
Please advise me. I have nobody to talk to about this issue.

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