Some habits might not seem harmful, but the adverse effect they have on one’s relationship in the long run could ultimately destroy that relationship if care is not taken.
These harmless habits take away positive things in the relationship and add negative ones by slowly infiltrating one’s mind, they might seem ordinary and harmless at first but they can leave a devastating impact on your marriage/relationship in the long run.
Below are some harmful habits everyone should be wary of:
Spending too much time on television: “Research has found that television time is now taking away couple’s time, the time left for a person in these fast paced world is very limited; lots of hours are spent in the workplace and when couples then get to spend the remaining hours of the day watching television rather than being together, the marriage will suffer”.
Chatting with the opposite s3x on social media: “It isn’t bad to chat with a member of the opposite s3x, but keeping close contact with them via these chat forums could be harmful to your relationship; from this, you might get to start having feelings for that person and start seeing the person’s qualities that your partner doesn’t have and this could destroy your relationship”.
Checking out other people’s relationship on social media: “Checking out how other’s are doing on social media might be a harmless act, but when you view people’s life on social media, all you see is what they want you to see; you could get to see the vacations and the happy moments in that marriage/relationship and feel sad that your own relationship isn’t happening that way”.
Always looking for something new: “Wanting something new isn’t a bad thing per say, but if you aren’t careful this habit will make you lose contentment in what you have and share with your partner because the desire for something new could make you become emotionally unavailable for your partner and this could be the beginning of troubles in that relationship and everything could start to go wrong simply because one partner wanted more”.

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