I know this might sound stupid but am in l0ve with my madam husband. The way he makes l0ve to me in the office and pene trates my a.$$ is out of this world, he does it very well and he has gotten me so addicted to him
I know my madam has been nice to be and she takes me like a sister , but I just can’t help it, the man is too sweet . But my pain now is that he said he won’t marry me , he can only allow me carry his baby , which I have agreed . I just quit my job and am ready to carry his child , anything that will keep me close to him . I can’t miss his body .

I don’t know how my madam found out and sent some guys to beat me up, but I used my pu.$$y work to keep them off and make them my spy . Now I want to snatch him completely, please what are the ??
I need tips on how to snatch a man completely from another a woman.
Can you guys help me??

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