First pls all the married men that allows their wives to attend a different church from the one he attends pls it’s very bad, stop it.
It’s been 7 months we starting seeing(fu#king) each other but am yet to officially ask her out BC she is 4yrs(33yrs) older than me.
We meet in a church love feast/program which my cousin forced me to follow her to like 7 months ago. I normally see her on Sundays bc after church she drives to my house like for a month but during that first month we stay in her car downstairs bc she was so scared of Dogs and note she doesn’t wear her ring while coming to see me. In fact I hv never seen her with a ring till today(this afternoon). We started from there. One thing led to another till we discovered that we are so so into each other so I decided to invite her over my place(like into my house) bc I have eventually built a cage downstairs for my dog. So she was now able to come up on her 5th visit were she told me she is 33 & single but the age won’t be the problem that lets enjoy ourselves then from there we will see if dating is a possibility. Like that the “s3xcapede” started
To cut the story short.. Today my aunty called me to go and help her pick her kids from school that she wont be able to make it.. When I got there and i was seated inside my car waiting for their dismissal.. I saw a familiar car pulling over a pole ahead of me. I quickly recognized it. She came down entered the school picked her kids by then I was already walking down towards her. Then I heard the kids calling her “Mum” like Mum I want to take icecream. I was shocked and the first place my mind went to was her hand and I saw her wedding ring which I have never seen her with before. I then intentionally asked her in front of the kids..”madam are they your kids??.. But bc she didn’t know how she will deny them there and with the presence of other parents picking their own children. She said YES.
Fast-forward she is now calling me telling me that she loves me and I should not leave her. That her husband don’t bleep her well. But I was like but your husband provides for you and your kids and your still married to him.. She just dey cry over the phone..
The truth is that I can’t even continue with it BC I have always told myself I won’t sleep with someone’s wife so that nobody will do that to mine.. Now my conscience is killing me here

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