Snapchat is really dope, and the best selfies are achieved with Snapchat’s camera. If you use snapchat regularly, then you’ll definitely relate with this post. Here are some of the types of girls you’ll find on Snapchat.

1. The makeup queen

She’s always serving looks and slaying. Her face beat is always on fleek.

2. The lip sync chic

She always has a song playing while she sings along to it and shows you her nice weave, her nice outfit or nice makeup.

3. The girl with the h0t boyfriend

Her snapchat is #relationship goals. She’s always showing off her man, and showing the world how cute they are together.

4. The talkative

She thinks snapchat is her talkshow. She’s either talking about something, giving her unsolicited opinion or lamenting.

5. The barbie

All she does is stare at the camera and blink.

6. The filter guru

She uses all the filters all day, everyday.

7. The dancer

She’s always dancing or whining. She just has to record her moves.

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