At times men seem like a species apart, full of secrets and ways of acting that women do not understand no matter how hard they try …
If you strive to interpret your guy and you do not succeed, you’d better consider these decisive things about men.
Men communicate through actions rather than words: Men intuitively know that words are important to women, some try to use them and sometimes things do not go well. What they use best are actions that speak for themselves, your man may not tell you that he loves you forever or that for you, he would give you up to his own life, but he will surely prove it to you in some other way.
Men want to make you happy, but they do not know how: Your guy probably wants to give you everything to make you happy, but has no idea how to do it. Definitely, men are not like women, they can not intuit or deduce what you want, therefore, you must tell! The trick is to tell him what you need in an encouraging way, without threatening or demanding.
They are always afraid to lose their freedom: They are terrified of losing their freedom, they love to live in a world of unlimited possibilities, without shackles or ties, so it is common that when the relationship deepens and becomes more serious, begin to withdraw or act strangely.
You can not change them: The romantic idea of every woman to change the man she loves is an impossibility. What is in its essence cannot be changed, so if there is something you do not like about him and it can be an obstacle in the relationship, you’d better go away before trying to change him.
They want to feel needed: Every man carries a male inside, who needs a woman to require him to save her existence or fix her life. While you know you can handle it yourself, it’s good to flatter him from time to time so he thinks you need him.
They want you to like what they like: Nobody wants to give up on their tastes, they want everything to remain the same in their lives even if they are in a couple. That is why they will continue to watch all the football matches of the weekend, they will continue to listen to the same music and everything they have always liked and of course, they pretend that you also like it not to be questioned and not to give up anything.
Even if they say no, they are interested in the private life of others: They always tell you that you live commenting on the lives of others, but what you may not know is that they are worse than women! What happens is that they generally criticize others when they get together with friends without you knowing, but if you ever had the opportunity to listen to a group of guys, you’ll know that this is the truth.
They are simpler than they seem: Even if you think that they sometimes act like odd bugs or are incomprehensible, something you should know about men is that they are simpler than they seem. You just have to be patient and not to think they act like you. They are different and simpler than the ladies!

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