In many cases, women suffer because they are beside a man who does not suit them; a couple relationship does not have to give work, discomfort and much less crying. In the case from the beginning, there are clues that tell you that this relationship has no future, it is better to take a step to the side and return to singleness.
Here are 8 important things that, as women, you should take into account to say ‘stop’ to an unhealthy relationship:
He expects you to be something that you are not: He reproaches you for things that you are or do and constantly tells you how you should behave. We’re talking about false expectations when he thinks of you as the woman of his dreams, but that role does not fit perfectly with you; if he does not accept you for who you are, beyond his advice ‘look good,’ it is better to stop the romance.
Actions vs. Words: It is a typical situation, tells you that he loves you, but does nothing to prove it; his proofs of love are a romantic word or an “I love you” through text message and no ‘deeds’. Do not forget that who wants to prove it, is able to because it is a genuine attitude when a man is truly interested in his girl, he does it and he does not just say it.
You begin to believe that your relationship is only s3xual: Although s3x is part of the relationships of couples, within a relationship there must always be other types of bonds in addition to the physical-s3xual. If you can not be together watching TV, a lunch or a simple conversation and just kill time together with sex, maybe he’s just attracted to your body. A relationship does not hold with a continuous series of pirouettes in bed, it is better to say goodbye.
You are constantly disappointed: If you are with a person who continually lies or cheats you with his attitudes or words, you should evaluate whether it makes sense to be harmed in that way; a healthy relationship is harmonious, therefore it is necessary to take away from that guy the power to disappoint you.
He does not give you the place you deserve: It is not about making you feel like a queen, but that gives you respect and attention. Even though he tells you that he cares and introduces you to his friends as “just a friend” or prefers to go with his friends forgetting that you had plans because that person has a dynamic life that cannot include someone who he says “cares for”. he is not the right guy for you or any woman.
Does not pay attention: He places his desires or ‘desires of’ and ignores you, remember that it is important to be with someone who cares about your opinion, someone who listens to you. It is not healthy to be with someone for whom you must remain silenced to please him or make him love you and that the relationship is still valid.
You feel that you are begging for love: If you feel that with your actions or words you are forcing him to love you, this is a problem. A relationship is not about keeping the other entertained, so he does not get distracted or gets away. A man who has placed his eyes and heart on a girl will voluntarily look for her, will call her, in a genuine way and without pressure.
You are not satisfied: Feminine intuition never fails, if deep down in your heart you feel that you deserve someone better or you are sadly reproaching yourself that you could do wrong, stop turning the subject around and pay attention to your inner self and stop. Evaluate if he is the kind of person with whom you can build a life of joyful and positive moments, remember that alone is better than in bad company.

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