Women get carried away by fairy tales, Hollywood movies and soap operas, there is nothing further from love than that. Of course, there are a few similarities, but the others are because we reproduce them, not because they should be so.
So enough of all of that because only makes you suffer and does not let you find true love. So look at these lies about love that we should stop waiting and reproduce. Enough, please!
The better half: According to these stories about the twin souls, who have a platonic origin, we are incomplete beings in eternal search of our other half. This makes most women frustrated because they don’t find it, even when they have a partner.

Love is suffering: Loving is not to suffer, no, never, to have a beautiful and stable relationship it is necessary to strive. Both parties must do some work for the relationship to bear some fruit, but it should not necessarily hurt.
You belong to your partner and him to you: You can say “He’s my boyfriend”  but that does not mean that he’s yours, the same way you should not allow yourself to be manipulated by that “you are mine” by a man.

You are not “one”: Remember that we are individual beings with your own criteria and that having a partner does not make you dependent or unable to decide. You can consult with your partner something that afflicts us, but that does not mean that you will decide what he tells you, you remain free and above all individuals. Let’s stop unifying everything like friends and tastes.
In love, everything is possible: This is not true, some people are motivated by agents very different from love. Love can motivate you to fight for that person and solve problems with it, but you can not survive on love. There are people who love a lot but simply can not deal with certain things so do not expect him to do what you do, because we all love differently and that does not mean we do not love. Love, definitely, cannot do everything.
Love is the only important thing: If you do not have a partner, what does it matter! If you do not feel comfortable with yourself, how do you expect someone else to appreciate you? And when someone looks for you, you deny it or you do not believe it possible, if someone does not want to date you, you feel insufficient. Enough! Having a partner is not the most important thing in life. You are strong and self-sufficient, you have a thousand things for which you should feel plentiful.
Love without expecting anything in exchange: When you love, you do not expect anything in return” … No, no and no. We are all selfish, although we are not given much, it is true that sometimes we do not reason well and we do not care and we continue giving, but there comes a point where that ends. Besides, that is not called love, but an obsession. When you truly love, you love yourself and you know that it will not do you any good to receive nothing, it is emotional intelligence and true love must be intelligent also.
You do not know what you have until you lose it: Well, yes and no. Sometimes we left a person and we realized that it was a good match and we ruined it and it also happens that we realize that leaving it was the best thing we could have done. Besides, being a good match does not mean that he was the ideal person for you. On the other hand, MEN also leave and “realize that they love you”, come back and again ruin it.

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