Sagging of the br3ast is a natural phenomenon that occurs as we all age as a woman but sometimes due to our lifestyles, we make br3ast sagging occur quickly.
Below are tips that would help every woman prevent br3ast sagging.
Keep your weight stable: “Maintaining a stable weight is important if you want to prevent your breast from sagging, adding or losing weight dramatically stretches the supporting skin of your br3ast leading to a saggy br3ast; your br3ast is primarily made of fat and when you add weight, your breast is one of the first regions of your body the extra fat piles and an increase in fat content in the br3ast means the breast becomes harder to support leading to sagging”.
Wear tight bra: “Wearing the right bra is important if you want to prevent sagging, don’t just wear any bra but buy a bra that is the right fit for your br3asts”.
Moisturise your br3asts: “Moisturising your br3ast helps prevent br3ast sagging because it helps the skin from losing elasticity too fast so try moisturising your breast if you don’t”.
Drink orange juice: “Drinking orange juice helps prevent your br3ast from sagging because orange juice is rich in vitamin C which improves skin elasticity”.
Exercise: “Another way to prevent br3ast sagging is by doing the right exercise, exercises like push-ups and pectoral flys help strengthen the muscles underneath your br3ast to help them stand out a little more instead of sagging”.
Protect your cleavage from the sun: “Protecting your cleavage from the sun should also be considered if you want to prevent br3ast sagging because UV rays from the sun can cause wrinkling or sagging of the br3ast”.
Quit smoking: “Another way to prevent br3ast sagging is by quitting cigarette smoking because smoking leads to deterioration of the br3ast skin”.

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