Sure, or gasms feel great and all, but do you know how your body really react when you cu m?
Here is how different parts of your body react when you reach climax.


Your pupils dilate, increasing in diameter by nearly 50%. Your sight also improves.


Your sense of smell improves.


Most people will produce more saliva during climax due to the parasympathetic nervous system. However some people – particularly men – will get a drier mouth if they’re feeling anxious about the act.


Having an or gasm makes you feel hot as both body temperature and metabolism rise
Also, the parts of your brain which control pain and or gasm overlap, so when you’re actually half as sensitive to pain when you’re climaxing.


Both men and women experience sensitive nipples as the nerve endings open up and your upper body becomes flushed. For ladies, br easts become engorged.
Blood pressure goes up and your heart race soars to over 100 beats per minute.


For men, the muscles in their lower body will tense up as they experience ejaculation.
Muscles at the base of the pe nis will contract between 10 and 14 times in the space of the same amount of seconds and guy’s legs will often shake.
While guys’ genitals are tightening, a woman’s pelvis relaxes and the va gina elongates to allow the pe nis to enter further.
During climax muscles in the va gina contract seven to eight times
Both male and female genitals swell as blood flow increases to the pelvic area and skin becomes more sensitive as nerve endings rise to the surface of the skin.

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