Everyone who has experienced love before knows it's a beautiful thing but not everyone can explain why.

The emotion is such that you can only feel it but can't understand why or how it happens, doesn't matter if you are single or married.

Compiled by All Women Stalk, here are 7 things about love you can never understand
1. Why we feel love for different people at different times: You can love two people at once in different ways or fall-in love with someone twice, the reason behind this can't be explained.t
2. Why we love and cheat: Men and women cheat on their spouses whom they love dearly. It's not really possible to explain why people tend to hurt the ones they love the most by cheating.

3. Why love between two people can end: It happens all the time, you think you can't fall in-love with anyone else then suddenly things change.
4. Why love makes people do horrible things: Love is a positive feeling, however, some people do the worse things like kill, steal or lie all in the name of love.
5. Why we fall in love with a particular person: You can list all the wonderful attributes your spouse or partner has, but you know that there are other people who have the same quality or are better. The main reason you chose that person is hard to explain.

6. When like turns to love: You can always remember the first time you said 'I love you' to your partner or spouse but you surely wouldn't remember the exact period you fell in-love with them.

7. How love goes beyond race, tribe, language or looks: Two people who speak different languages can fall in love with each other. There'll always be that unbreakable connection though communication may be hard.

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